Rick Daniels

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Rick Daniels is a local Kansas City actor with lots of life experience and has worked with Mike on film projects, particularly as Capt. Harrison Treinor in Tales from the Interim Net (he’s the supervisor of Adam McKeith’s Detective Vaughn Anderson).

Enjoy the “prison sex” talk.

“Tales from the Interim Net – Episode Beta: Zone of Deception” Rick features prominently near the end.
Never before released partial draft of “Tales from the Interim Net – Episode Omega: Revenge of the Brownbacks” Rick is again prominent near the end.



Betrayal at House on the Hill Playthrough

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Happy Halloween!

For this Halloween edition of the podcast, Mike and new acquaintance Robbie are playing the board game classic Betrayal at House on the Hill.

In Betrayal, a group of explorers walk through an empty house (the layout of which will change with every single playthrough). Along the way, they’ll run into events, pick up items, and come across omens. At a certain point in the game, the omens trigger a haunt – and one of the explorers becomes a traitor. There are 50 possible scenarios depending on the triggering omen and the room in which it was found. It’s massively replayable.

We’re including in our show notes the Wil Wheaton’s TableTop playthrough to give you a visual idea of how it plays:



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Welcome to our first international recording of the podcast, and one that further unites two struggling sports fan bases: former St. Louis NFL fans and Arsenal Football Club fans.

In this episode, Mike (as we all know, a former St. Louis NFL fan) interviews Khared (apologies – I didn’t get the spelling), an Arsenal supporter based in Amsterdam. The two were able to meet via a subReddit called “Fuck Stan Kroenke,” a forum in (dis)honor of the scumbag sports team owner who:

  • married into the Walmart fortune
  • lied an NFL team out of St. Louis (more on that in a future episode)
  • evicted a small retirement community from his newly purchased North Texas ranch, resulting in a resident committing suicide
  • was a mastermind behind the infamous and failed European Super League

This recording took place shortly after the failure of the ESL – a crazy attempt to Americanize European football and featured some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including North London’s Arsenal FC – and before a flurry of discovery in the St. Louis v. NFL lawsuit.

We need to get some Denver sports fans on the podcast at some point, as Señor Stan’s sports empire also includes the NBA Nuggets and the NHL Avalanche. But, if they’re anything like folks in red half of North London or the Gateway City, they likely share in our anger towards the guy.



Chris Hurt (Fringe Show)

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This is the third and final 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival episode – and one that features a return guest to the podcast.

Chris Hurt returns to the podcast. We do yet another round of the Alphabet Game, and talk about life in general and plenty of geek culture.

The Last BronyCon – a documentary mentioned by Chris (a known Brony)
The ASMR segment Mike was referencing


Jessica Whitfield (Fringe Show)

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This is the second of our 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival episodes.

In this episode, we interview Jessica Whitfield, a local actress, writer, and standardized patient – a profession she gladly introduces us to.

“Backseat Drivers Be Like” – a very funny short film Jessica is in (the only time I’ve heard that Hindi phrase other than…)


Patrick Poe (Fringe Show)

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Today, we start our three episode run from the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival. Like last year’s festival, this year was entirely online.

In our first episode of this year’s Fringe, we interview local filmmaker, comedian and podcaster Patrick Poe.

You can find Patrick’s work here:

Patrick’s short film “Silent But Deadly” – the closest he’s done to horror

We’d love to share with you Richie Wolfe’s vampire short, but Mike forgot the name of the film, so trust us that such a film exists.


Ski’s 2021 Tourney Picks (or Screw Oral Roberts!)

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Welcome to the start of Season 4 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For!

Today’s episode features our intrepid host making his picks for the 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament – the first tourney to happen during the run of this podcast. (Because it’s long done by the time the new season of the podcast starts, we’ll be opening with this episode.)

Mike’s Final Four:

Florida State, Gonzaga, Ohio State, and Syracuse.

How did he do? Well, he finished dead last in a tournament pool of 4, including past podcast guests Daniel Rains and Tim Crippen.

Oh, and special no thanks to a certain evangelical college located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


5,000 Unique Downloads Episode

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This is sadly how Season 3 of the podcast must end.

This was our episode for our 5,000th unique download milestone. We’ll try to do this again for 10,000.

Also, Mike ran out of stories to share to end this season… or has he? There is a short story involving the current President of the United States, the Secret Service and a video job.

Still, there will be a fourth season of the podcast, and we’ve just started work on that. Including another three-show interview program for the 2021 KC Fringe Festival. Also, we do a rundown of what we’d like to see in the upcoming season.

Thank you all for your continued and future support of the podcast!

See you in Season 4!!!


  • Intro music: “Fantasia Fantasia” by Kevin MacLeod
  • Outro music: “Starting Over” courtesy of FreeStockMusic.com (now defunct)