The Ski Dawg Dictionary

This page is devoted to terms you may hear on the podcast that Mike regularly uses and may require some explanation.

Agnostic beverage – Dr. Pepper. It’s a reference to an episode of South Park.

B-A-B-Y – A maroon sweater-jacket Mike once used as a movie prop to represent an infant.

Beau job – It sounds dirty, but really isn’t. Officially known as “Beau projects,” they got their name from a manager named Beau. These were projects to get warehouse materials back into their proper FIFO order. FIFO is an inventory term meaning “First In, First Out.”

Chickenhawks – The University of Kansas Jayhawks. First of all, what the hell is a Jayhawk, anyway? Secondly, their logo looks like a chicken.

Great Satans of English Football – Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC.

Kolbassi – The Pittsburgh pronunciation of kielbasa. This – and other Pittsburghese (especially the pronunciation of the word “downtown”) – is largely a result of Mike’s father being from the Steel City.

Jesus Chicken – Chick-fil-A.

Professional Liars – A certain (as of 2016) Los Angeles based football team that Mike used to be a fan of, particularly when said team was based in St. Louis. Simply put, this team were lied out of town.

Respect – A standard greeting among Mike’s high school friends. Mike stole it from the movie Cool Runnings.

Ski Dawg – Mike Czerniewski’s nickname since high school. Originally given to Mike by a merit badge counselor (who called him “Mr. Ski”), it was cemented by one of Mike’s NJROTC instructors, Sergeant Major Eldridge (USMC – retired). It is simply a shortened form of Czerniewski. It has absolutely nothing to do with snow skiing or waterskiing. The “Dawg” part was added later.

Touch of Death – A chess move usually known as the “kiss of death,” where the queen puts the opposing king into contact checkmate. Mike prefers “Touch of Death” as it is one of his favorite Simpsons references.

“Uncalled For” Sweatshirt – A black hooded Duke University sweatshirt that Mike often wears during cold weather months. The dubbing of this sweatshirt as “uncalled for” is how this podcast got its name.

Vladivostok Backhand – Originally a batsu game performed on Gaki no Tsukai (a Japanese comedy show that Mike likes, and is famous for its batsu games) where one member of the group had to travel to Vladivostok and receive a backhand slap. Mike uses the term to argue for #ProRelForUSA, as Russia – which spans two continents and nine time zones – does feature promotion and relegation in its soccer/football system. Therefore, it is possible for Vladivostok and St. Petersburg – situated at the extreme opposites of the country – to be in the same division. If Russia can make pro/rel happen in such circumstances, so can the United States with only four time zones.