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Welcome to our first international recording of the podcast, and one that further unites two struggling sports fan bases: former St. Louis NFL fans and Arsenal Football Club fans.

In this episode, Mike (as we all know, a former St. Louis NFL fan) interviews Khared (apologies – I didn’t get the spelling), an Arsenal supporter based in Amsterdam. The two were able to meet via a subReddit called “Fuck Stan Kroenke,” a forum in (dis)honor of the scumbag sports team owner who:

  • married into the Walmart fortune
  • lied an NFL team out of St. Louis (more on that in a future episode)
  • evicted a small retirement community from his newly purchased North Texas ranch, resulting in a resident committing suicide
  • was a mastermind behind the infamous and failed European Super League

This recording took place shortly after the failure of the ESL – a crazy attempt to Americanize European football and featured some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including North London’s Arsenal FC – and before a flurry of discovery in the St. Louis v. NFL lawsuit.

We need to get some Denver sports fans on the podcast at some point, as Señor Stan’s sports empire also includes the NBA Nuggets and the NHL Avalanche. But, if they’re anything like folks in red half of North London or the Gateway City, they likely share in our anger towards the guy.




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