Tim Crippen

Episode 4 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Tim Crippen was Mike’s primary co-host on the Winning Side Coaches podcast. Before that, they worked together for Silpada Designs.

November 2014 at Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum in North Kansas City. From left to right: Ray Domino, Tim, Jim Chappell, and Mike. Jim was the only interview we ever did on the Winning Side Coaches podcast.

(Silpada is a company that sells sterling silver jewelry via Tupperware-style house parties. Mike was under the assumption they went out of business in the mid-2010’s. They have started back up again as a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.)

On today’s episode, Tim and Mike talk about their time at the company as well as their podcast memories. We also talk about one of the former podcast’s defining features – the batsu game.

Batsu games mentioned on this episode:

  • Tim being put on Four Words (credit to Kendal Sinn for its creation) – he spent an entire episode being able to only speak four words. In this case, the words were Mount, Fuji, Jet, and Pack. Tim received this batsu game for picking Denver to win the 2013-14 Super Bowl.
  • Mike turned in a lousy set of picks for the 2014 MLB season – among other things, he didn’t think Kansas City would make the playoffs let alone the World Series – resulting in the following photos:
The temporary tattoos Mike had to wear for a batsu game. Yes, Mike is a Villa fan.
More temporary tattoos
Still more temporary tattoos

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