Bonus Post 3 – Flagged For Copyright Claim?

Serious question:

How the hell does STOCK music get flagged for a copyright claim?

The entire point of stock music – and, for that matter, stock footage and stock photos – is you should be free to use them in a creative medium as you see fit.

I should point out that ALL of the music that has been used on this podcast is stock music and/or available for use under a Creative Commons license. I also make it a point to tell you where we got the music at the end of every episode of the podcast.

Despite this, our most recently published episode got flagged on YouTube for a copyright claim on a piece of music that I procured from a free stock music site.

I have filed a dispute to the copyright claim and hope it will be resolved soon.

UPDATE (7/8/19): Apparently the dispute worked and the episode in question has had its copyright claim repealed. Still, to be safe, best to avoid using music from that particular site for a while.

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