Bonus Post – All of the Luke and Dan References in One Mega Bonus Post

There are so many things to reference in the recent episode with Luke and Dan that they need their own separate post. So, here it is:

Dan was not aware that after initially doing away with it in 2016, Playboy re-introduced nudity in 2017. Barnes and Nobel may actually be carrying it anyway (yeah, they’re not – at least the B&N in Independence, MO isn’t).

Here you go, Dan.
“It’s a major reward!”
The Wahlburgers in Olathe, KS, located not too far from the former Silpada warehouse. In the same mini-mall is the Chick-fil-A Mike was referring to (not to be confused with the JCCC “Jesus Chicken” referenced by Luke).

Internal Podcast References:

Mike’s revelations:

  • Mike’s last pet was an Asian box turtle named Boxly, who passed away in summer 1995.
  • Getting thrown into the pool while on Boy Scout summer camp staff (in 1995).
  • Mike uses a flip phone.
  • Mike hangs out at public libraries all the time, especially before having to go into work.
  • Mike did MMA training and has studied two varieties of karate (Kenpo and Bushidokan).
  • Mike’s 2019 fantasy football quarterback is indeed Patrick Mahomes.
  • Mike is the subject of a very embarrassing football moment in 1996, when his SMW Vikings played Olathe East. That video will never be seen on this blog.
  • Among the NFL players Mike met as a result of working as a security officer: Dwight Freeney, Sammy Knight, and the 2005 Washington NFL team.
  • Mike can’t drive stick. The main issue: he can’t figure out the whole clutch thing; as a result, the car goes nowhere, resulting in “We’re basically just charging people to park their own cars.”
  • Mike bought his glasses at Target.
  • Mike could never live in a rural area or anywhere where the locals don’t know the word “venue.”
  • Mike pulls for these college teams: UMKC (his alma mater), Duke, Notre Dame, Florida State
  • Mike strongly dislikes these college teams: KU, UNC, Oral Roberts
  • The progression of Mike’s cars:
    • 1997 – 2002 Toyota Corolla (this car was not mentioned in the episode)
    • 2002 – 2016 Ford Windstar (this is what Luke was asking about)
    • 2016 – 2018 Oldsmobile Intrigue
    • 2018 – present Hyundai Sonata

Oh, and that 2005 USC-Notre Dame game that Mike referenced? USC did indeed win the game 34-31 – but later vacated the win because of the school’s Reggie Bush controversy.


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