Matt Sewell

Episode 6 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Matt Sewell is an old high school friend of Mike’s who, among other things, helped Mike kick off his trek to becoming a media freelancer. On today’s podcast, the two old friends talk about their high school days and early video work. Underage drinking is among the subjects discussed. Also, Mike’s infamous Minneapolis story.

left to right: Matt Sewell and Mike

Matt is currently running a farm where he and his family raise Belted Galloway cows for beef production.

The two friends met up at Wingz and More in Grandview, MO and did the podcast over lunch.

a Belted Galloway cattle – the breed of cattle Matt raises for beef

American Beauty Myth – a short film Mike shot and edited in 2012, mentioned in this episode

Video of Todd Dain, one of Mike’s former football coaches and now principal at Shawnee Mission South, falling on ice during a massive ice storm in 2019.

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