Thoughts on Cars and Public Transit

Click here to listen and download.

This Thoughts episode was recorded at a time when Mike was experiencing very expensive car troubles (for which he is still paying, and your purchase of gear from our CafePress shop will go a long way to helping out).

In addition to very costly repairs, Mike wonders how life particularly in the Kansas City metro area would be better off if public transit was vastly improved. Granted, the buses are now free, as is the streetcar, but these services are extremely limited (think rush hour and no weekends).

We imagine that public transit situations are similar in the vast majority of major US cities, but as we have previously mentioned in the case of our hometown, it’s so spread out that public transit improvements make too much sense to not implement.

Reference is made to Jay Foreman’s Tube Station Song (which needs updating with the recent addition of 2 new Tube stations):



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