Sunflower Brew Retrospective

Click here to download and listen.

In 2012, Mike got his first taste of podcasting when he became the producer and editor of Sunflower Brew, hosted by Zach Luea.

Sunflower Brew was about politics and beer – specifically Kansas politics and drinking exclusively craft beers.

The podcast itself lasted about a year, but opened the door to the podcasting world for our intrepid host.

Today is a retrospective of our intrepid podcast. You’ll hear excerpts from select episodes:

Sunflower Brew episodes included (in order of appearance):

  • Kyle Russell
  • Reggie Marselus
  • Jason Leib
  • Max Skidmore
  • Jonathan Ta-Pryor and Shawn Gelushia
  • Nate Bukaty
  • Jeremy Schliesman and Charlie Vincent (Parts 2 [ribs] and 4 [brisket])
  • Amber Versola
  • Megan England

If you are interested in any episode of Sunflower Brew, you may be able to download them directly from the Sunflower Brew Blogspot. If you’re having problems with doing so, please contact Mike and he’ll get you taken care of.


  • Intro music: “Fantasia Fantasia” by Kevin MacLeod
  • Outro music: “Sunflower Brew Theme Song” by Mike Czerniewski (using GarageBand automatic music maker function)
  • Transition music: “Morocco Sting” by Kevin MacLeod

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