Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for 2020 KC Fringe Festival

Click here to listen and download our trailer.

Click here to see our Indiegogo page and (hopefully) donate!

About this project

For the 2020 Kansas City Fringe Festival, we would like to record a few interview episodes of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For LIVE in front of an audience.

We will line up between 5 and 10 guests to bring onto the podcast – mostly brand new guests but we will welcome some returning guests from the first two seasons of the podcast.  No topic is off limits, and there will be an opportunity for audience interaction.

What we need to do this

The application fee for a small venue performance is $300, and needs to be paid no later than February 15, 2020.  While we can try to pay for it out of pocket, life and expenses get in the way.

That’s where you come in.

With your donation, you will receive a special thanks in our show notes, on our programs, and may get a shout out during one of our live sessions.

We do plan on filming all of our performances, and the audio will absolutely be part of our podcast.

Other ways you can help

We understand that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Please get the word out about this campaign.
  • Please use the Indiegogo share tools!

This will be a unique opportunity, one that I look forward to sharing with the fine folks in our hometown of Kansas City.

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