Bonus Post 6 – St. Louis Fans STILL Angry with NFL (for good reason)

As has already been brought up 3 times on This Podcast Is… Uncalled For, Mike was a lifelong St. Louis Rams fan (ironically, it did go back to when the team was in LA the first time around). That ended in early 2016, when the team was ripped out of STL to Los Angeles for no good reason.

The next episode of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For deals with the way the NFL treated St. Louis – by lying about St. Louisans being apathetic towards their NFL team and portraying the Gateway to the West as a post-apocalyptic Hell-scape.

If the Blues’ recent winning of the Stanley Cup taught us anything about St. Louis, it should be this: St. Louis is a great sports town provided you give them something to get excited about.

Apart from winning the Super Bowl at the end of the 1999 season – the only Super Bowl in that team’s history, by the way – there wasn’t much to brag about for Señor Stan’s Merry Band of Professional Liars. In fact, their last 12 years in St. Louis were losing years – including the worst five year stretch from 2007 to 2011, when they finished 15-65, a feat that required the Cleveland Browns to finish 0-16 in 2017 just to match it! For the non-sports-inclined, that’s 15 wins and 65 losses, or an average of 3 wins out of 16 games a year for 5 years.

On the flip side, the city that said team left for – Los Angeles – is notorious for (and still is) being largely apathetic towards football. To quote our Episode 3 guest Adam McKeith (who has spent time in LA as an actor), “a lot of people there kinda don’t give a shit.” The proof is in the pudding: the LA Coliseum is always half-empty.

Here’s some videos and audio to help you out with the coming episode.

First, a video that was done earlier this year exploring the unfortunate set of circumstances which leaves this team with practically no fans – either they’re angry or they think they’re the Lakers.

One last bit of activism I encourage all of you to participate in: stop shopping at Wal-Mart! Profits there ultimately wind up in Señor Stan’s pockets.


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