Thoughts on Being Multilingual

Episode 16 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

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Do you remember in Episode 3 of this podcast when Adam McKeith referred to Aioran – a conlang developed by Mike and used in Tales from the Interim Net – as a “Japanese-Spanish mix”?

Well, it kind of it – because Mike has formally studied Español and Nihon’go (日本語).

Mike also maintains something of a working knowledge of both of these radically different languages. He had attempted to learn other languages – including French, Russian, Vietnamese, and Klingon – and, as mentioned above, created a conlang (constructed language).

Other languages mentioned in this episode: Polish (the mother tongue of Mike’s paternal ancestors), Esperanto, Tenctonese (the language from Alien Nation).

Episodes of Tales from the Interim Net referenced here:

Mike’s Aioran video:

Scene from the 1966 film Incubus – which stars a pre-Star Trek William Shatner and is entirely in Esperanto:

A scene from Gaki no Tsukai (a Japanese comedy variety show):

A video from the LangFocus YouTube channel:



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