Adam McKeith

Episode 3 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Today, we interview Adam McKeith, a Los Angeles based actor who got his start in Kansas City. Adam plays Det. Vaughn Anderson in Mike’s sci-fi web series Tales from the Interim Net.

Adam is also an avid sports fan and talks about a few sports related stories, including whether or not LA is a good football town. We also talk about how Mike got into film.

Tales from the Interim Net – Episode Zeta: “The Rebirth of Aikori” (not “Return” as stated in the episode) – This episode of Tales includes the scene Adam said was his favorite to shoot – at the very end of the episode when Vaughn and his detective partner Jennifer Ashcroft (Ellyn Calvert) talk about what transpired over pho.

References made in this episode:

Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked, as referenced by Adam, who also talked about meeting Arnold and getting some good advice from him.

The scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home referenced by Mike.

Apologies for all the background noise in this episode. We recorded at the Denny’s in Downtown Kansas City.