Bonus Post: RIP Patreon

Because some jerkoff decided to lift my debit card information while getting gas today, I have had to cut up my (NEWLY RE-ISSUED!) card and now have to wait about a week to get a new one.

Not only that, but I have had to close my rarely used PayPal account.

Further, because of this, I can no longer accept donations on Patreon (not that I was receiving them anyway).

So, beginning with Episode 35, you will no longer hear our request for donations on Patreon.

All because some jackass stole my information!

To that individual, I hope you are caught and punished for what you did to me and likely many others. And, believe me, “go fuck yourself” is not strong enough.


We Are Officially In The 2020 KC Fringe Festival!!!

We officially received word this morning:

This Podcast Is… Uncalled For is going to be performed LIVE at the 2020 Kansas City Fringe Festival!!!

Despite our non-success with the Indiegogo campaign (to paraphrase Ted Knight’s character in Caddyshack, we “got nothing and liked it”), we were able to afford the entry fee for the festival thanks to a lot of hard work on Mike’s part, including long hours for the chess club and doing Doordash deliveries (see the Luke and Dan episode for the seeds of that decision).

The KC Fringe Festival takes place in late July. We will be doing 5 shows, each of them being live interviews for the podcast’s upcoming third season. And, yes, there may be some returning guests.

Podcast Editing Seminar

Episode 31 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

Click here to listen and download.

As the co-organizer for the Kansas City Podcasters’ Meetup group, Mike felt he had a duty to impart some wisdom on the local podcasting community.

When given an opportunity to do just that, he took it – and recorded it for the podcast.

This presentation was given on January 9, 2020 at the Meetup.


  • Opening: “Fantasia Fantasia” by Kevin MacLeod
  • Outro: “Verano Sensual” by Kevin MacLeod

Andrew Rainey

Episode 30 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

Click here to download and listen.

Andrew Rainey is a Bernie Sanders volunteer who helped Mike with his failed 2016 Kansas State Senate campaign. Today, they talk about that campaign – especially the March 2016 Democratic caucus – and other election-related issues.

Remember, elections have consequences.

(left to right) Mike Czerniewski, Andrew Rainey


Thoughts on the 2016 Election

Episode 29 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

Click here to listen and download.

Mike ran for the Kansas Senate in 2016 as a Democrat, which is tough enough of a challenge – especially if you get primaried.

Mike has written about this experience, and on today’s episode will share with you three of those writings, all published on Daily Kos:

Because of copyright, we can’t use the song – so we’re posting the music video here.

On the campaign trail at JCCC in 2016: (left to right) Skip Fannen (who ran for State Senate in another Johnson County district), Heather Meyer (who was not running in 2016 but had run for Kansas House), Mike Czerniewski

Next time: Andrew Rainey