Adam McKeith

Episode 3 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Today, we interview Adam McKeith, a Los Angeles based actor who got his start in Kansas City. Adam plays Det. Vaughn Anderson in Mike’s sci-fi web series Tales from the Interim Net.

Adam is also an avid sports fan and talks about a few sports related stories, including whether or not LA is a good football town. We also talk about how Mike got into film.

Tales from the Interim Net – Episode Zeta: “The Rebirth of Aikori” (not “Return” as stated in the episode) – This episode of Tales includes the scene Adam said was his favorite to shoot – at the very end of the episode when Vaughn and his detective partner Jennifer Ashcroft (Ellyn Calvert) talk about what transpired over pho.

References made in this episode:

Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked, as referenced by Adam, who also talked about meeting Arnold and getting some good advice from him.

The scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home referenced by Mike.

Apologies for all the background noise in this episode. We recorded at the Denny’s in Downtown Kansas City.


Trevor Martin

Episode 2 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Today’s episode is with Trevor Martin, who is an actor and filmmaker in the Kansas City area.

We discuss Trevor’s experiences with acting, remember our late friend and mentor David Berry, and talk about how it was like to act with a local sports icon.

“Lee Jackson Day” – a short film directed by David Berry and Trevor. Trevor also starred in this short film, and Mike was a PA (production assistant, for those of you outside of the film community).

This is the commercial Mike asked about at the end, featuring Trevor and Sporting Kansas City midfielder Graham Zusi.

Pat Lamb

Episode 1 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For.

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Our first interview is with Pat Lamb, who is a Kansas City based independent filmmaker and photographer. Pat is also heavily involved with the local Boy Scouts.

Most of today’s interview includes sharing some stories of filmmaking experiences both Pat and Mike have had, including a One Night Stand film called Unfiltered.

“Unfiltered” – the One Night Stand film that Pat and Mike did together. Yes, it lives on Mike’s YouTube channel.

“Mike From Orlando” – a One Night Stand film Mike did that is talked about in the episode.

For more information on the Independent Filmmakers’ Coalition of Kansas City, go to their website at