Top 20 South Park Episodes

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“Ample parking day or night, people spouting ‘Howdy neighbor!'”

South Park main characters.png

We are huge South Park fans here on the podcast, and Mike (who has seen every single episode) has a list of his top 20 episodes (out of just over 300 produced):

  1. Trapped in the Closet (the Scientology episode)
  2. Cartman Gets an Anal Probe (the very first episode)
  3. Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods
  4. Cartman Joins NAMBLA
  5. Red Hot Catholic Love
  6. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
  7. Toilet Paper
  8. All About Mormons
  9. Casa Bonita
  10. Good Times with Weapons (“Let’s Fighting Love”)
  11. The Passion of the Jew
  12. Imaginationland (3-parter)
  13. The Ring
  14. Dead Celebrities (Chipotle makes you defecate blood)
  15. Fishsticks
  16. TMI
  17. The Poor Kid (Dr. Pepper is an agnostic beverage)
  18. Butterballs (“Jackin’ it in San Diego”)
  19. Sarcastaball
  20. The Cissy

“Screw you guys! I’m going home!”



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