Brian Boye (Fringe Show)

Click here to listen and download.

This is the first of three episodes that were submitted to the 2020 Kansas City Fringe Festival (pandemic necessitated virtual edition). Our guest in this episode is Kansas City filmmaker Brian Boye. Brian and Mike have known each other since Mike first got involved in local independent film in 2004.

Brian’s stated goal: to have his episode get more unique downloads than Pat Lamb and Trevor Martin (our first two episodes) combined.

Among the things we talk about: the different films Brian has made (some with Mike’s help), barbecue (which was kicked off by talking about ThanksRibbing), and other topics.

Brian’s “Famous Last Words” documentary:

Brian’s “New Jersey: The Musical”:

Here is Brian’s “No H8 NB,” the anti-Nickelback short that went viral in Albany, NY:

Sadly, “F’n Bottle of Bleach” is no longer available on YouTube. I suspect neither is Dave Berry’s final film about the Pizza Hunter, nor the One Night Stand films mentioned in the episode.

The Star Trek: TNG scene referenced in the episode:



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