Thoughts on Being a Trekkie

Episode 35 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

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It’s been mentioned before, so we’re devoting a whole episode to it: Mike’s love of Star Trek.

Mike shares a few thoughts about the franchise that Gene Roddenberry started, shares a few top 10 lists, and his top 20 episodes that aren’t on these lists. Fortunately for all concerned, “Space Seed” – a TOS episode Mike feels is highly overrated – is not on any of these lists.

Go to Memory Alpha to learn anything you want to know about all things Trek.

Mike’s Top 20 list:

1The Day of the DoveTOS
2A Piece of the ActionTOS
3Patterns of ForceTOS
4For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyTOS
5Whom Gods DestroyTOS
7A Matter of HonorTNG
8Menage a TroiTNG
11Family BusinessDS9
12Bar AssociationDS9
13Take Me Out to the HolosuiteDS9
14The CloudVOY
15Blood FeverVOY
16The Omega DirectiveVOY
17Bride of Chaotica!VOY
18Tinker Tenor Doctor SpyVOY
19Choose Your PainDIS
20Absolute CandorPIC

We forgot to include “Bar Association” in our recording. That one features Quark’s brother Rom starting a union for the employees at Quark’s Bar.



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