George M. Dean

Episode 34 of This Podcast Is… Uncalled For

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George Dean is an actor, musician and artist currently based in Denver, Colorado. Before Denver, however, he was based in Lawrence, Kansas and worked on a variety of projects – including Tales from the Interim Net as Dr. Stanton Kingston.

Today we talk about the Tales experience, film and arts in Kansas City, and so much more.

True fact: As has been established on the podcast, Mike is a Shawnee Mission West alumnus. As are actors Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis. Rudd graduated long before Mike ever set foot in the school’s halls; Sudeikis’ senior year coincided with Mike’s freshman year there (and, no, Mike did not know Sudeikis at West).

Tales from the Interim Net – Episode Zeta: “The Rebirth of Aikori” – This episode of Tales features today’s guest. It was originally in the show notes for Adam McKeith’s episode, but we’ve included it here as well just in case.



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