Bonus Post – Outsider’s Tour of Kansas City

In keeping with the spirit of our recent Tour of Kansas City episode, I was pleasantly surprised to see this video this morning:

A local’s thoughts on this:

  • Yes, local public transit sucks – especially if you’re outside of the core of the city. You may have heard recently that the local transit authority instituted free bus fare, and that’s a good thing. (And, yes, while the streetcar is cool, it is – as of this post – very much limited to between Union Station and the River Market. As they point out, that will change in coming years with two planned expansions – one north to the Riverfront Park area, and the other south through Midtown, Westport, and the Plaza to the UMKC campus.)
  • He’s also not lying about how spread out everything is. As I said in the Tour of KC episode, the city itself is spread across three counties, and the metro area itself is five counties (seven at a stretch) straddling two states.
  • As a Kansas City local, you have my permission to rip on the local teams.
    • As I have mentioned already in the Luke and Dan episode, as well as the Tour of KC episode, Major League Baseball belongs Downtown, not 7 miles away on the fringes of suburbia. The Royals need to be Downtown, and I am happy to see that the team’s new owner, John Sherman, is at the very least open to moving the team to where they truly belong.
    • It is a well established fact that I have a strong dislike of the local NFL team, so please feel free to rip on them at will.
    • There are certain “local” college teams that deserve to be ripped on as well. I say “local” because none of the schools I’m alluding to are in the Kansas City metro area proper.
    • In fact, only 1 of the over 300 NCAA Division I schools actually calls Kansas City home – and it’s the school that gave me a degree, which happens to be at the south end point of that aforementioned streetcar extention.
    • You also already know my thoughts on the local soccer scene. Please refer to our episode on independent soccer and #ProRelForUSA.
  • As I said in the Tour episode, it is never worth it to spend an hour standing in line just to get lunch. Especially if you’re only given 30 minutes for lunch (as I was while working at Silpada).
  • Guess who also mentioned all three of those museums – Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and the World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial – in a recent Tour of KC podcast? We did.

Otherwise, it’s all good.


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