Bonus Post 16 – ThanksRibbing

What is ThanksRibbing anyway?

ThanksRibbing should be credited to my film friend Brian Boye – the same Brian Boye who was made famous in Albany, NY for his short film that mocked Nickelback (a film he did with our late friend Dave Berry):

ThanksRibbing refers to that time of the year – almost always in October – when McDonald’s puts the McRib back on their menu.

I think it’s fair to say that Brian actually coined the term ThanksRibbing because this is what you’ll find when you Google it:

Yes, the guy in the middle is Brian. Brian, we need to get you on this podcast.

Mike is no stranger to ThanksRibbing. In fact, below is his 2019 partaking of this close-knit observance:

2 McRib sandwiches, fries, and an agnostic beverage.

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