Bonus Post 8 – Mike’s Smash Up Faction Tier List

This calls back to our Smash Up Playthrough episode, and the fact that Mike did complete a 100 game challenge with this very game.

Thanks to the Smash Up Reddit community, combined with a really cool website and Mike’s game data, we have Mike’s definitive rankings of the Smash Up factions.

Factions are sorted by the following rating system: number of games each faction was featured in the challenge divided by number of wins said faction had in the challenge, regardless of pairing. The lower the number, the better.

Please note that this only accounts for factions used in the 100 game challenge – which is pretty much the first 50 factions. Everything that was released after What Were We Thinking? did not make the cut – something that can be remedied by adding games to the challenge. This also means that the factions that retroactively received Titans were played without said Titans as they were not available at the time.

Also note that most of the factions not ranked are factions Mike helped playtest.

  • Tier S (less than 2.00): Explorers*, Steampunk
  • Tier A (2.00-2.99): Mythic Horses, Zombies, Teddy Bears, Aliens, Mages, Fairies*, Elves, Vampires*, Dwarves, Thieves, Robots, Sharks
  • Tier B (3.00-3.99): Halflings, Ghosts*, Dragons, Changerbots*, Giant Ants*, Grannies, Werewolves*, Superheroes, Kitty Cats, Bear Cavalry*, Geeks, Tornadoes, Miskatonic University, Minions of Cthulhu*, Rock Stars, Astroknights, Killer Plants
  • Tier C (4.00-7.99): Dinosaurs, Pirates*, Cyborg Apes, Clerics, Mythic Greeks, Elder Things, Mad Scientists, Tricksters*, Orcs, Princesses, Ignobles*, Ninja
  • Tier D (8.00-9.99): Innsmouth*, Warriors, Shapeshifters
  • Tier F (10.00 and above): Super Spies*, Star Roamers, Time Travelers*, Wizards*
  • Unrated (did not feature in the challenge): Smash Up All-Stars, Itty Critters, Kaiju, Magical Girls, Mega Troopers, Sheep, Disco Dancers, Kung Fu Fighters, Truckers, Vigilantes, Ancient Egyptians, Cowboys, Samurai, Vikings, Luchadores, Mounties, Musketeers, Sumo Wrestlers, Penguins#, Anansi Tales#, Ancient Incas#, Grimms’ Fairy Tales#, Polynesian Voyagers#, Russian Fairy Tales#

Notes: * indicates factions that retroactively received Titans, and # indicates factions not yet available for purchase at the time of this post.

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